Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stop Child Abuse!

Have you heard of child abuse? seriously it's the meanest things i can imagine.why would you pick somebody that wont hurt you back to release all your anger?

there's alot of example of child abuse, here are some example of it ......

kicking the child real hard
 Punching a child
 Hurt a child using cigarette 
 Hurt them using hot iron
In other words.......anything that hurts a child either mentally or phisically is consider as child abuse.

If you...Yes! YOU! see something like above's picture......dont just stand there and watch the incident like you watch a horror movie.

You can help the victims by using correct Malaysia, you can call Talian Nur or Unicef in this number....15999.....please, remember this number or you can just call cops.
Join me and UNICEF to stop child abuse in Mlaysia perhaps in the world too.......together WE CAN DO IT!



  1. hebat giler beb ko lukis pakai paint.. aku terpakse lukis pkai tgn kanan sbb tgn kiri aku xpndai gune mouse.. uh sadis..

  2. huhu...stop abuse children...sadis jek.uhuh...

    smart beb lukisan ko.teruja neh..

  3. shafiq: ko cakap pasal entry ni ke? yang ni aku pakai ko tengok entry window 7?

    dyna: tnx.....stop child abuse :)

    nisa: hehe......;D

  4. perghhh . anda mampu mengubahnya . :D

  5. comeinya lukisan....mmg kalu akak nmpak,mmg akak anak kol talian nur tu n akak plak abuse dorang dik..krg ajar betul sape yg dera2 nak nie...

  6. yes kak! kite dera balik pendera tu! suke ati dier je pukol2.....

  7. cute ye talian nur pun child abuse ke?

  8. say no to child abuse.. sian kat deme.

  9. yeah.....child abuse memang teruk....lagi2 buat kat anak sendiri......kucing yang aku x brape suke pon lagi sayang anak dier.....hehe....ingat....15999...kekeke~

  10. suka cara sampaikan msg tu...
    hebatnya lukisan tu jugak
    sokong elakkan child abuse...
    sapa abuse bebudak, abused depa balik

  11. haha like ur drawing. comel-comel. keep up the good work!

    and stop child abuse! XD


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