Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bahan Porno Ketika Kecil

I dont know bout girls, but im pretty sure boys will do this :D LOL. And Im very sure that Im not the only person doing this. pffttttt~

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kejadian Waktu Malam Yang Tak Best

We all had the experience where......

Our BODY be like....... I really need some sleep......

BUT our BRAIN be like...... "Tak payah tido la, best jugak kalau pikir pasal kerje, seronok jugak pikir pengalaman memalukan, tambah best kalau pikir pasal nak buat body, kalau joging pukol 3 pagi ni mesti best sebab sejuk, hmmmm jap jangan tidur lagi, ape agaknye terjadi kat pesawat MH370 ha?, hmmm besok nak pergi mane ye? Alamak! lamenye tak update blog, Tetibe rase nak melukis...etc".......

Conclusion? Pakse jugak tidor, end up tertidor 3 jam pas tu..... Ughhhhhhhh~..... 

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

My 1st time with NIVEA’s rinse off body lotion

Well hello people! :)

Let just go straight to the point. We all have heard about Snow White, a girl so fair even her step mom get jealous of her. Do you know why Snow White is so beautiful and fair? The secret is her skin! Her skin is so healthy and well moisturize. But what did she use to maintain her skin health? Well, we never heard he story of that part.

I have decided to make a journey to find the secret product that she use. It is a hard work to know exactly where she lived, but somehow I manage to gain the information. Dont ask me how :P

Owh, I forget to tell you, it's not just Snow White who have the ability to gain relationship bond with animals. I also have that talent. So during my journey, thanks to some animal, they have decided to help me.

You know what? I think all the story of how gentle and polite Snow White, is a lie. I couldn't believe my eyes. As I reached Snow White's place, I saw her teaching animals "What The Fox Say" song.

Even tough she act a little bit weird, I must ensure my target is achieved. I must know what did she use to keep her skin healthy. Did she use witchcraft like her step mom, the witch? I have decided to directly ask her..

As quickly as I said "CAN I HAVE IT?" She suddenly changed her behaviour. She looks like the Gollum in LOTR...(maybe because she spends too much time in the woods HAHA)..... I feel afraid and weird at the same time, but I knew her secret already. So yeah... I just leave the place.... 

After reached back my place. I went to nearby shop tu purchase the secret product (which no longer a secret) a NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner.

The product look so majestic!! 

NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner is easy to use, and suitable for both man and woman who wants to get ready quickly.

Here is the product review and how to apply it..

SOOO Easy right? hehe

Want to know the result? What happened to my skin? Needless to say, my skin have never been so smooth and moisturize. Unlike ordinary body lotion, the NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner never leave sticky feels :) .From time to time, I like to touch my own skin and I can feel myself start turning into the gollum protecting my 'precious' just like what happened to snow white. Hahahaha .....Nahhh. im just kidding :P

To know in detail what this product can do to you, you can see this literally great videos...

I wish I'm one of the hot guy in the video. hahaha

Well you all must be wandering why suddenly I talk about this great product. This entry I specially  created to join a contest  held by NIVEA and Nuffnang :)

To join this competition,you all can go and click to THIS LINK

Wish me luck guys :)

My 1st time with NIVEA’s rinse off body lotion


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Penggunaan Deodorant Menggalakkan Lagi Pertambahan Bulu Ketiak

3 March 2014- Kajian oleh seorang professor dari Kampung Pening Lalat di Australia iaitu Professor Madya IR. Roq Ken Cing Kaw mendapati penggunaan deodoran bukan setakat menutup bau sardin ketiak anda, malah ia menggalakan lagi  penumbuhan bulu ketiak. 

Experiment terlebih dahulu dilakukan terhadap anak buah professor tersebut yang terlalu ingin memakai deodoran ketiak setelah berkali-kali melihat perilaku pak cik nya memakai deodorant kerana terlampau malas menutup pintu bilik ketika bersiap.

Berikut merupakan gambar2 yang diambil sebelom experiment dijalankan

Disebabkan terlalu malas melayan anak buahnya, Prof Roq Ken Cing Kaw menyapukan sahaja deodorant tersebut terhadap ketiak suci anak buahnya.

Sekian, sumber berita dari Bernama, Bloomberg dan Business Times.

*ps: Blanje la 'Like' sikit kalau suke entry ni.. hahaha :P 

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