Monday, June 23, 2014

roq_reality_doodle: Paus Panda Keji

Once upon a time, there's a panda that love to swim so much that he turn into an orca or the killer whale lol (I made this up)

 When I was a kid I imagined it must be so majestic to see an orca jump out of the blue sea water. Sadly the beach nearby my house is only full of mud and the water is always brown. Plus, there's no orca in Malaysia ocean..... #Lame 

I always thought the big white spot nearby its mouth is actually its eye. But no, it was just white spot......#Dissapointed 

Do not be fooled by this slick cute big creature. They're actually smart animal. And sometimes act likka douche. They always play with their food too. Well fux u too panda fish.

roq_reality_doodle: Hari Tanpa Awan

Went to the paddy field this afternoon. It was a cloudless sky. So I draw an animal that represents me best, pretending it was a piece of cloud. Hahaha. Pssstt, I want to share a big secret, im a weresloth. But, instead of waiting full moon, I can transform anytime I want. I iz lazy. Lol. 

roq_reality_doodle: Suara Robot Depan Kipas

If u never did this as a kid, dont talk to me. Talk to your fan first, then only you talk to me. Hahaha. Who needs auto tune machine when u have this witchcraft thing that converts your normal voice to transformer robotic voice. 

roq_reality_doodle: Rasaksa Tong Sampah

So the idea came when my mom ask me to bring the garbage out. I introduce to u.... The Trash Monster. Apparently he likes to sing..... 

roq_reality_doodle: Tiang Depan Rumah

When I was a kid, I love to climb the electric pole infront of my house pretending im a koala. I swear, at that time I have like spiderman sticky super power. I climbed damn high I can see my house's roof from top (???). My mother and the neighbours have warn me countless times on why it is not safe to climb that pole. But I dont give so much fux for im a koala. Hahaha

roq_reality_doodle : Dang Mosquitoes

Manage to electrocute a couple of mosquitoes. Hahaha. Trying a new style of art by merging my doodles with the environment. More to come :). Good night everyone.... have a good mosquito-free night sleep :) 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Blogger mintak penampar


Ko ni roq.... klau buat blog tapi x hapdate, baik ko tutop teros je blog ko. Puiiiiii *monolog dalaman

Hai semua..... kita post entry ni pakai phone... batak sikit. Hehe