Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Panasonic VIERA 42 " : Watching TV like a BOSS


This entry will be in english because I wanted all the people who reads my blog to understand it. Not just for malays because i normally use casual malay when  i write my blog. 

Back to the title, Do u guys know that im the Grand Prize Winner for blogging contest of "Our World , Their War"??..... it was organized by GSC, Eon-Bank, Nuffnang and been Sponsored by Panasonic too :)... you can read the winning post by clicking here.

Well.....I already receive my prize.......And for that, the first thing that everybody will notice when they come to my house is there are a huge TV in the living room....hehe
Well that's the TV i've won which is PANASONIC VIERA 42" is the real picture of it.....the TV is so big that it almost the same size of the

With the TV, I also receive some other stuff too...which are....
Well, with all that, i seriously feel that my living room have become a 3D cinema ...hahaha!, what is the advantage of having your own 'Cinema' ?? 
Because I only receive one pair of 3D eyewear, the situation below always happend. I wish i had more money and can buy the eyewear for my whole family member...hehe to counter this situation? well....luckily the Blu-ray/3D/DVD player come with 3D mode and 2D mode......I tell you one thing, even tough you are watching in 2D, the picture resolution is superb since the TV itself have High Definition view......and that just awesome!! with that, we can watch it with others and enjoy the movie......XD going to describe a little bit of Panasonic Product that i've won.... Lets talk about the eyewear, Panasonic use latest technology on the eyewear to get maximum effect of the 3D......when you wear it, it feels like the movie is alive......combining with the great Sound was PERFECT!!!
Because the Eyewear uses latest technology, it have to be charged after you use it. It is simple to charge it, just plug in the USB to the TV and leave it......but make sure the TV is on while it was charged. The best time to charge it is when you watch normal TV station like watching the news...hahaha

Believe it or also can connect your Laptop to Panasonic are the steps..
Here are picture of successful connected laptop to the TV 
Because my laptop screen is small.....i oftenly connect my laptop to my Panasonic TV so that it is easier for me to draw anything using my drawing tab which  is the Wacom Intuous . How cool is that?
Well, Panasonic have always been my family choice.....we buy a lot of Panasonic Stuff because it have great quality and the product last are some of them...

Last word from me......Panasonic produce great product that last long and the technology always been updated from time to time. It is a great decision to buy any product as  long as it come from the PANASONIC brand. Feel free to check these two websites for more information on Panasonic..


Once again.....thanks to Panasonic for the Awesome prize, GSC, Eon Bank and Nuffnang for choosing me as the grand winner...... :) . want to know more about the flow of winning??? check out these entry.....

OMAIGOD!!! aku menang TV besor!! Thanks NUFFNANG, PANASONIC ngan EON BANK !~



  1. teramat jeles dengan kamu..hukhukhuk

  2. seriusssss cooooool gilaaaaaa. *yg tengok pon eksaited. ;P

  3. perghhh!! bestttt gileee...
    nak pinjam bole? ahahah....

  4. oohh baru tahu function TV tu... ada sebiji kat umah yang TIDAK FREE tp lom abis qatam function dia... kekekeke

  5. oooo.. jeles wooo.. koh koh koh..

    aku punya wacom comel jer, itu pun dah penoh meja, roq..

    macam mana ko guna ko punya tablet?.. hahahahha

  6. aku tak benci ko kalau ko bagi pinjam tv tu untuk sebulan

  7. Hahahaha..semua jeles..koh koh koh..

    Nak tanya apa bro?

  8. Kau guna HDMI cable tuk connect laptop kau ngan TV kenapa perlu cable audio tu lagi? HDMI transfer image ngan sound sekali ke monitor/TV.

  9. woahhh! giler besssssssssst hadiah!!


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