Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our World, Their War


Today im going to tell you my version of Transformer ......not much to say, just see the cartoons i specially draw for you..ok?

the story starts when the earth is "visited" by Decepticons .....

During the EPIC fighting day...

And after the decepticon beaten by Bumbecca black......they all go back to their planet and the earth finally in peace, How EPIC is that.....Beebertron Vs Bumbecca Black?......LOL...:D

well, the entry is made because NUFFNANG and GSC-EONBANK CREDIT CARD have came out with 'competition' for the screening of TRANSFORMER 3: Dark Of The Moon that will be out soon....and it is perhaps the last movie of Transformer :(...... 

well basically it is easy to join the competition and maybe win this......(taken from Nuffnang site)

It’s easy to score some passes to an exclusive screening to Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, thanks to GSC-EON Bank Credit Card! All you have to do is write a blog post titled, “Our World, Their War” and pick one of the following options:
Option A: Tell us how you would protect the world from the Decepticons, and which Autobots character you would like to transform into to protect the world.
Option B: Tell us how you would defy the Autobots and destroy the world, and which Decepticons character you would like to transform into to destroy the world.
Hmmm......welll...obviousy i have choosen the Option A......I have become the Optimus Prime and will protect the world.....why Optimus prime?....because he is the coolest lah.....hahaha. But I try to solve the problem in easy way....see how it works PERFECTLY?....LOL.....

The best thing about the contest might actually win a 42” Panasonic VIERA 3D Plasma TV with 3D Blu-ray Player and combo kit, in addition to the pair of passes to the Transformers 3 premiere screening!......How cool is that?...VERY COOL rite?... 

Owh....forget to you now the "actual" reason Megan Fox did'nt act in the movie?.....well she basically with me...enjoying our new TV....hahahaha.....damn.... i wish i win the contest ....LOL....FIGHTING!~


  1. nice .. hari ni last kan utk post ni kan? all the best ..

  2. all the best ! ..^^
    *hancur dan punahlah harapan saya memilikiTV tersebut..grrrrrr

  3. tak cukup syarat..tak kira!!!

    hahaha..kau join buat apa..potong betul la..grrrr

    dapat tiket kasi aku k..=)

    *megan fox tak belakon dah la..=)

  4. Congratulations on winning the TV! :)

  5. tahniah!!! dpt tv.. heheeh

  6. tahniah menang!! jelesssssss!!! nti kita amek gambar sesama lah! artis dah dia sekrang ni...

  7. congratssss beb!!u r deserve!!mmg semart and gempak ok!!

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  9. Congrats on winning the prize and most creative 1.

  10. hahah memang dh kenyataan la dpt tv tu. congratz bro :)

  11. tahniah dapat TV..Bestnya.. hancur harapan ku nak dapat TV tu.. huhuhu.. Nanti jumpa hari selasa ye.. :)

    Jom baca ni :Perisian Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security is the best..
    Jom baca ni :Cucur Udang Alor Gajah, Melaka yang tersangatlah sedap.

  12. congratulation on your winning! ^___^ very nice post indeed. Enjoy your plasma tv with your imaginary Megan Fox! ^___*y

  13. congratz...mmg kreatif...pandai lukis2x..:) u deserved to win tv:)

  14. you should choose a character.. not create your own character..


  15. OMG! Your post REALLY is a damn good one... You deserve the prizes! Congratulations! =)

  16. heyaahhh ! congrats winning d TV..gosshhh, i knew u'll win the TV. ! ^___^

  17. caya la bro, mmg patut arr ko menang

  18. tahniah sebab menang.
    u deserved it.
    kelakar betul cerita katun tu.
    epic epic.

  19. tajniah sebab menang..memang patot awak menang..:)

  20. mmg patut mng tv......hahaha congratz

    singgah sini jap n follow... jom singgah blog misscha.


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