Sunday, June 12, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because......Well you read it yourself...haha


When i was small, i used to draw on my house's wall....well, since it is my hobby, i often got scolded by my mom.....LOL..... When i grow up, i feel angry when my nephew did the same thing... (even though i like to do it too)....hahaha.... But today i want to talk about my favourite paint product which is NIPPON !!

so, to cover all the drawings and the "graffiti" done by the small kids, Nippon paint is the best answer... OMG! subject changed...lets get back to the real path ...:P.....There are several reasons why i like Nippon paint so much... Lets check it out....

1) Nippon comes in VARIETY of Products

Hmm.... no need to explain.....with Nippon, you can get paint for Interior walls, Exterior walls & Roofs, Woods & Metal, and even sealers and primers..

Easy said, with Nippon.....You can paint almost ANYTHING !!~......hahaha

Ok...almost anything.....but not like the picture below... pretty sure a real life Pikachu is considered as animal abuse....but still look cute though..HAHA
Ok, lets move to next point...

2)Nippon introduce Odour-less paint

How cool is that?...... I feel dizzy when i smell fresh feels like you are force to smell an old cheese but with colours..(what is this??)...hahaha...Naaa...hopes you get the point.....

  the next point is....

3) Nippon product last longer than others

Have you ever paint your house and within few weeks there are "white spots" appear? is like Fungus attack. Damn!, i hate it when it occurs,because you will feel all your effort to do the painting job is useless.... grrrrr~......But with NIPPON will NEVER occur.....yeah!!
 *haha, just realize a typing error..should be 'the'...

4) With Nippon you get what you want

I still remember, when i want to paint my wall with yellow......i bought a paint from Company X.... when I at the shops, the seller give me a catalogue of colours with all the funky codes i trust him and bought it .However, when i want to start painting, it is different from the colour I saw in the catalogue......

A week later, i went to my sister house, she just paint her house with maroon colour, she even got the small catalogue and the colour is the same !!! I ask her what brand she know the is NIPPON!
since then, Nippon is always my first choice..huhu

5) NIPPON is going GREEN!

No no, im not saying the colour produced by Nippon, Im saying about the initiative put by Nippon to keep the world green ...hehe... Have you see the cute logo below?.....

You can see the logo in some Nippon is basically a symbol to show that Nippon consider about environment  especially on human health ....Their product free of dangerous material like mercury and it have less smell.... :)... Maybe you can start being green about reuse the paint container as vase?...haha

Ok....want to see my house that i mistakenly paint by Brand X ? are some photos..

 *not a very nice yellow

*you can see the white spots, and sorry for the mess :P

I feel shy to put my picture...LOL....but i need are some picture of me doing this entry in my living room with some of my nephews .....hahah

hahaha.... i thinks that it for the entry....For more info on NIPPON paint...feel free to visit these website...


OK, until next time....see ya! :)


  1. ni apa ni? masuk pertandingan ke?

  2. pertandngan kannnn! saya pun nak masuk, tapi ehe, maluuu.

    mana gambar pemenang? kata nak kasiiii? takde punnn! =D

  3. good luck bro..mesti leh menang ni..

  4. good luck...sure boleh menang lah.....waiting for roq to be in the television show... ;)

  5. good luck...kreatif2...suka tgk katun2 tue


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