Wednesday, December 28, 2011



I recently went to Nuffnang website.....i'm suprised that DiGi kindly wanted to sponsor a second iPhone, and i need to make the whole 4 entry to have a bigger chance to win...yeay! But when i read the post, i only have like 36 hours to make the other 2 entries.... i dont know photoshop , i only know paint :(....wuwuwu~ but i try my best to finish them. So, here is the third entry....the first and second entry you can read here and here :)

Since iphone 4s is already here, what is the best plan to make iPhone 4s as part of our life? well, obviously it's DiGi......what a silly question....pfffft~. We all heard about Siri , so what is Siri or should i call Miss Siri ?

Let us see what Siri capable of doing...

If you see the pictures above, you can see some of them need internet connection. As DiGi have the most affordable plan, so it is not a problem :). Now we know that  Siri capable of doing a lot things, how about we...

Gosh! If I win the iPhone 4s, I really wanted to ask Siri these things..

now back to the question...."Why Siri and DiGi are your best companions"...... well simply because they are both perfect together , and they need each other to help me.... :) ....just see the story below....

To finish this post, how about you watch this's kindda parody...and the ending part is hilarious XD


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  1. tringin nak pkai iphone 4s..skg pkai ipod touch 4 je T_T


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