Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Owwwhhhhhhooooiiiiiiiiii~ (trademark greetings)

On this entry, I will explain why DiGi have the most affordable plan for your iPhone....  Or.... should i give it to the girls to explain it..... hehe XD

Well, even though i'm not a world class spy, I still can answer that question....haha!.....We can see that  a lot of people happy because iPhone 4s is now in Malaysia . They become happier because they know that there are affordable plan they can choose.....and it come from you know who..... DIGI !!!

Well, basically there are 3 plan offered by DiGi which are iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138, and iDigi 238 ...... it depends on your usage on how to pick the plans :).... By the way, if you see the name of each all end by the number of 8. So no matter which one you pick, you will still got lucky :P. Here are detail for each one of them.... 

If you see them in detail.....Each one of it have its advantages I need to explain them?? i think it's detail enough that you will notice how affordable each one of them. So, just pick any of them that you want, and you always know that....


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