Monday, October 10, 2011

Prudential BSN Takaful


Hye guys,  wah! Roq speak in English? That’s rare……hehe
I usually use casual Malay to write my blog post, but to make everyone who visit my blog  understand it, English I guess would be the best choice of language.
So how did this happen? Let me see.. 

So….what is the difference between Insurance and Takaful ? Here is difference by definition…

Source: Insurance Info Guides booklet, Second Edition 2009

Well, somebody  might be a little bit confused….Is Takaful  only  for Muslims? Here is the answer for that…..

Yes! Anyone can apply for Takaful…:)

One more thing…., Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad has launched a comic strip contest…how cool is that??  Yeahhhh!!!

You can join the contest by clicking this link…..

Well, every contest have their prize right? You want to know what is the prize for the contest?  Top  5 most creative and funny comic strip will get a Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Tablet each and a chance to have their comic published on major newspapers....OMG!

I have won a TV in a contest before….Why don’t u guys give this contest a shot and maybe u will win the Tablet. I hope after you win, you won’t  face a situation like below…

Now! Start drawing your comic….hmmm….maybe this can guide you to make a comic strip..

 I guess everybody have Facebook right….Promote this cool contest by clicking like at this facebook page


just follow the simple guide to submit your artwork…

For more material to guide you on takaful and insurance, please download this very useful handout at this link

Remember guys, u will never know when you will face problem and It's never too early to start planning your finances now  :)


  1. singgah sini tengok takaful :)

  2. owh dulu mmg masih tak fhm apa bezanya takaful dan insurans hehehe..tq 4 this good entry ye!

  3. Takaful.. sampai sekarang aku tak paham..

  4. wah..good luck..mesti menang tablet nti ni..hehehe..takaful tu lebih kurang mcm khairat kematian lah kan..ramai2 simpan duit utk membantu members mereka..berbanding insurans yg cover utk diri sendiri je..lebih kuranglah..payah mau explain..hehehe..

  5. kat u ada belajar ni. sekarang dah faham dah apa difference nya :)

  6. Join ka? Kalau join, semoga menang. Heee.

  7. wah2, x de chance la org lain nk mng tablet hihihi. gud luck :D

  8. wuuuuhuuuuuuuuuu ade beza rupanya...hihihih, mekasih bg info ni...

  9. nice.. sy part time run Pru Takaful ni ^^


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