Friday, July 26, 2013

Englishing At Its Finestest

*Warning : This entry will be in Created English by me*

*note that 18 SX means So Xylophone because dont know much word starting with an X*

Owhhhoooiihhooiiiiii Ladies and mato fato Gentleman~

Haha....u first read title then u know the vocab will be teruk in this entry. I know it sound like stupid english but i dont care because this is just for fun-fun. This blog is so not updated because i dont have time and may not be interested in blogging anymore. I hope u no sad because when u sad.....i iz crying likka river.

I now understand the pe-break malay (pepatah melayu) which is the "hot2 chicken shit".... at first making this blog, i is so harworking i updated everyday.... i draw every day but nowadays so lazy as fat cat. To make sure u all understand what im gonna said.... i will put this entry with sub-sub title.... make sure u got at least band 3 in MUET before continue reading lah.... because if u got band 6, after reading this entry suddenly u at level 2.... if u in band 3 suddenly u speak jawa.... yes2.....i no force u read... but if u continue read i think u love me..... thank you..... i love u too.....

1) Updating Blog

I dont know why suddenly i want to updating.... i feel boring2 after sahur, suddenly inspired to update. I forgot my password and have to trace back everything. Im so shocking the layout of Blogspot changed already.... i panicked... but i say bismillah and everything ok now. I type2 like usual but difficult also lah to convert to englishing because i normally use correct english.

2) Graduated

Yeay! i no officially graduated because i no have scroll and walk2 on stage with square black cap yet. but after 4 years taking degree i finally finished. Doing FYP or Final Year Project is so difficult i told u. Really stressing. But hey! i passed it with kaler terbang.....

3) Puasing

Puasing or fasting is same la to me in this entry. Alhamdulillah my puasing is still full. i no skip. but terawih i skip2 sometimes. I is very glad because my friends still remember me and sometimes ajak me open fasting together-gather. Almost every week also have appointment.

4) Finding Kerjob

Of kos la i need to find work after grad. But i iz sad because i no get work yet. I just go interview other day... so difficult la question. I no talk2 detail because i is so shying when thinking the interview... urghhh.. Yes.... i no use this englishing during the interview. I accidentally became professionaled at the interviewed. But i cantik sure not get the job :( but i dont care much because teraffic is so jam la dat Petaling Jaya. My feet cramped hold clutch long-long time.

5) Hari Raya Day

This raya i dont know what kaler to wear. because i now 23... so i already have all kaler of baju melayu. So i thought this raya i want to wear pink. Suit me well la because im a jambu boy... Pffttttt~ This year raya my sister go back to in law side.... sigh~ so krik krik la this raya..... Now i want to go ikea with my sister looking2 for perabot that can be buy at cheap price.

Ok... i think that's it je la update this time. im so so sleepy typing this. feel like i just got drunk atau hitted by car and directly making this post. I so so sure also i can act in 'Owh my english' in astro and all system become error because my englishing is too well.....I really dont know next update when. Ok.... bye~


  1. memang damn giler vocab.. bukan setakat turun band je, ni dah hancur lingkupkan english aku terus ni. luckily my gugel trenslet *in my mind* still works well.. muahahahaha~

    *pe-break malay eh?? hahaha..

  2. kehkeh oh my englisshing..
    selamat hari raya brothering


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